An Android App that Lets You Drive Safely | Answer Your Calls & Texts

Making calls and receiving them while driving is very dangerous, sometimes you get angry or dealing business while driving makes you glued to your mobile phone and at the same time when somebody arrives in front of your car on the road will definitely shock you to take emergency brake, if you can’t then you yourself can imagine the situation now.

I would request you not to receive calls while driving or use this amazing app called Safely go. Safely go receives your calls and texts, keeping you connected with important people like family members and your boss, and making you focused on the road while driving, using this app will make others and you safer on the road. If you want block calls and texts from specific person then these 5 Free Android apps will solve your problem.

Safely Android app, Safely Answer your Calls and texts while Driving

Safely Go lets you drive safely on the roads while driving. Simply install this app on your Android device and configure it to auto-reply to incoming calls. It allows only calls and texts from your 3 VIP Contacts (for example your family or boss) that you can add while configuring this app. You can also add three driving apps that you would like to access while driving (like maps, navigation, or music).

Add 3 VIP Contacts in Safely Go App to answer calls while driving

If you receive calls except from your 3 VIP contacts lists Safely Go tells everyone else you’re on the road and driving safely, through automatic text replies. And, most importantly, this app will not ignore all the incoming calls, you can then choose to accept them, it can enable calls through your Bluetooth or other hands-free devices.

You only have to configure it once, simply activate this app before driving. Enjoy distraction free driving and keeping you connected with your loved ones.

Install Safely Go Android App

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