How To Make Android Phone as a Bootable USB To Install Windows


There is another great app from Android Google Play store which allows you to boot your PC from .ISO/.IMG files stored on your Android phone. This app is called DriveDroid, it makes you live freely from carrying number of Windows or Linux CD/DVD or USB flash drive with you, as we always carry our phones with us so we’ll have it always, this is ideal for IT professionals and don’t need to carry any additional USB, CD or DVD, it is best for trying Linux distributions or Antivirus rescue-system on the go without the need to burn different CDs or USB pendrives.

DriveDroid App is Capable of:

Burns any Windows ISO (XP, 7 or 8).
Burns any Linux-based ISO (ArchLinux, Ubuntu, Knoppix, etc).
Burns a number of handy ISOs (Hiren’s Boot CD, FreeDOS, BartPE, Ultimate Boot CD).
Handles UEFI as well as legacy booting.
Handles GPT as well as MBR partition tables

This post will go through the steps of creating an image in Android phone DriveDroid app and burning an ISO to that image using a Rufus tool.

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1. Rooted Android phone ver. 2.2 or higher with DriveDroid app(link below).
2. A tool called Rufus (there are number of tools but this is recommended and tested).
3. 4GB free space on your Android phone for Windows 7 ISO.
4. USB cable.
Steps to Make Android Phone as a Bootable USB Device:
Step 1: First you have to connect your Android phone with USB cable to your PC.
Step 2: Open your app DriveDroid on your phone, you’ll see the + button on top of the app, click on it, now you will find the option ‘Create blank image‘ here, click on it.
Note: DriveDroid also includes a convenient download images (.iso or .img), where you can download images of a number of operating systems on your phone. You can also create USB-images which allows you to have a blank USB-drive where you can store files in. Blank images also allow you to use tools on your PC to burn images to the drive and create Android phone as a bootable USB disk, like we have to do next in this post.
Step 3: After clicking on Create blank image you’ll see a pop up dialog like below where you can name the file and a size for the image that is appropriate for the ISO you’re burning, we are burning downloaded Windows 7 iso file from Official Windows site for this post.
Step 4: Choose a filename like ‘windows7.img’ and choose 3500MB as the size for the image. You have to uncheck ‘Partition table (MBR)’ and choose ‘None‘ for the filesystem because we’ll do these things with Rufus tool in the next step. Now click on the Create button right top.

Step 5: Once image creation has finished you can select the image in DriveDroid app.

Step 6: After selecting an image a pop up dialog asking how to host the image. Choose the first option to host the image as a writable USB drive (see screenshot below).
Step 7: Now plug in your phone into your PC and start Rufus tool.
We can make Android phone bootable without tool any tool, Diskpart makes these things possible which is built in Windows 7 but will be quite lengthy and tough.
Step 8: Choose the USB device that corresponds to your phone. This is shown as NO_LABEL in Rufus.
Step 9: Now the main and important things to do, check ‘Create a bootable disk using:‘, choose ‘ISO Image‘ from the dropdown box and click the CD Rom icon to choose the ISO you want to burn. Once the ISO is scanned by Rufus, it will fill in other options automatically.
Step 10: Finally, click ‘Start‘ to let Rufus burn the ISO for you into your phone and make it bootable.
Step 11: Now you have your bootable image in you phone, when you need to install Windows from your phone, connect your phone with USB cable and go to BIOS setup by pressing F2 or F10 depending upon BIOS make to change the boot priority to boot from your USB Phone.
Now, whenever you need to install Windows or Linux whichever iso you have with you in your phone, just change the BIOS settings to USB and connect your phone with USB cable to boot from your device anytime anywhere.

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