5 Sites To Make Free Android App, No Programming & Coding Skills

When we created, we thought, we one day make an Android app for our blog but that time we had very few options available and were quite tricky to create an app for novice, but this is 2013 and the time of technology, technology makes everything faster & easier so in this era why waiting for something which is available for free.

Create an app your own without hiring expensive Android Developer and without having programming or coding skills, even a computer savvy can make himself.

Create Free Android App and Monetize your app, means create app for free without knowledge of programming & coding and whenever people download, use and click on your ads you’ll earn some money from it, isn’t it cool? We have compiled best 5 free app creator websites which not only gives you free app creator tool but also allows you to monetize with them.
AppsGeyser is one of the best, popular and FREE service that converts your web content into an App in 2 simple steps and makes you money. If you have a website then this is the best service can create your content into app with amazing new features without coding & programming skills, recommended service for people who needs everything but for free.
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AppsGeyser Features:Free Distribution: Distribute your App through our network for Free.HTML5: Use HTML 5 to add advanced features and enhance user experience.Handy Notifications: Send pop-up notifications right to your apps.Monetization: Earn money. Sell apps or get paid every time someone clicks ads in your apps.Statistics: See how many of your apps have been installed and used.Sharing: Let your users share your apps on social networks.

Appsbar is our favorite app maker, appsbar lets you create an app not only for Android but also for all major platforms like iPhone app, Blackberry app and Windows Phone app.

Appsbar app builder is the fast & easy way for anyone to create apps in just 3 simple steps, in 1st step it lets you choose your type of app like business, music, events etc., 2nd step gives you options to design and preview your app as you go, in 3rd and final step they develop your desired app and provide you with the necessary tools to share your app with the world.

make android app for free, create free app and monetize, create app and make money

Appsbar Features: Easy & fast app builder tools.Create Apps for Android app, iPhone app, Blackberry app and Windows Phone app.Create a highly customized smartphone app with no experience necessary and no coding knowledge.

TheAppBuilder is another free app builder, which claims to creates app within minutes, anyone can start using TheAppBuilder, this is another for beginners tool whic means no coding or design skills are required to create app here. TheAppBuilder has 3 categories – App for Individuals, Apps for Groups & Apps for Enterprise. TheAppBuilder gives you Web App using the content management system means your visitors will have the new content within seconds. 

TheAppBuilder Feature:User-friendly app toolkit: Library of pre-built widgets, then fill them with content in minutes.Build once, publish across multiple platforms: HTML5 Web App, Native iPhone, iPad and Android.Public Distribution Options: Publish a free web app by giving a URL link for smartphone.Enterprise Library App: The Library App™ is a single password protected app that provides users with a window onto multiple apps.Security: All enterprise data is encrypted using AES-128, username/password protection can be provided to ensure only the intended audience can login to your apps.Integrations: integrated with Microsoft SharePoint and Active Directory to provide mobile apps that comply with your existing security policies.

Andromo is great app maker which also allows you to make a professional Android app. There’s no programming required, plus Andromo generates 100% pure native Android apps. Use can your app to promote your business, share events and news, or launch your million dollar idea. It’s quick, easy and your first app is free!

Andromo Features:Interactive Maps.HTML5 / JavascriptCustom PagesWebsite ViewsPhone / Call UsPodcasts

iBuildApp app creator creates not only Android apps but also iPhone apps for free, it also create a professional Android app with no programming knowledge required, it only take 5 minutes to build your app. iBuildApp Support iPhone, Android and mobile sites, iBuildApp has lots of features in free and little bit more for premium users, It gives you 100 native app downloads and 500 Mobile Web Site Visits for free. Earn money from ads with embeded Ad or get thousand of installations bring new constant visitors to your website.

iBuildApp is the best among 5 app creators, do give it a try to this tool.

iBuildApp Feature: Build-in HTML 5 support for web and articles.Display an URL inside of embedded web browser.Displays videos you provide as a list with titles and text descriptions.Provide live audio stream from your website.Bring twitter account and conversations into your app to keep the discussion flowing also give access to your Facebook wall – integrate your Facebook social profile.e-Commerce: Sell products directly through your app!Create your own Extension using our Mobile SDK and integrate it into your app.Thats it from our compilation of Best 5 Android App Creator Websites, do tell us your favorite service or your first android app you created with link.

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