25 Popular Facebook Games to Play in 2014

Facebook is no doubt the number one in social networking where millions of people connect, people share stuffs, chat and now because of good web-based platform and powerful APIs, developers are building personalize applications every day to grab the attention from millions of people.

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You’ll be aware of Mini games in Facebook, it is fun and moreover makes it so addictive because of the users are connected to thousands of other Facebook users who are also playing the multi-player games with them. Here we have compiled the 25 most popular Facebook games, without wasting time lets have a look.

Candy Crush Saga most popular game on Facebook 2013 and 2014


This is the most popular game in 2013 and hopefully will be in 2014 as well, its a mix and match candy for spectacular effects in the sweetest facebook game ever! Lots of exciting, fun and challenging levels you’ll see and will get addicted level by level.
FarmVille 2 Facebook App

As you know FarmVille is well known game on Facebook for long time now you can play FarmVille 2 with more fun in cultivate their farms by plowing, planting and harvesting crops and trees. Players also care for their farm animals milking their cows, feeding and much more to play within this app.

Criminal Case Facebook Game 2014

Criminal Case is very popular game in teenagers and growing their number of players everyday, Criminal Case is all about work crime scenes for clues, interview witnesses and much more. In the game you can join the Police of Grimsborough to solve a series of cases in this captivating hidden object.

Diamond Dash Facebook game for 2014

Diamond Dash is fast, addictive and exciting game. It has 110 million players all over because of its ultimate 60-second matching puzzle game, you have to match as many gems as you can in 60 seconds, use magic abilities and level up to get huge score bonuses.

Mafia Wars Facebook game and also Mafia Wars movie in the row

Mafia Wars is one of the most popular Facebook game and one of the oldest as well. Here players fight other players and complete tasks to gain rewards and strength in the game. Ted Field and Radar are currently making a movie based on the overnight success of Facebook game Mafia Wars is in the pipeline.

It is a multi-player pool game which is played by millions of online Facebook players. You can play with strangers and against friends, show off your tables, cues and compete at different levels.

Pet Rescue Saga is the new hit puzzle game from the makers of Candy Crush Saga. In this game you need to match two or more blocks of the same color to clear the level and save the pets.

This is again most popular game and from the makers of the hit game Candy Crush Saga, switch and match the collectable cropsies in this fantastic adventure.

Join forces with the Farm Heroes to stop Rancid the Raccoon from spoiling the precious farm lands. Switch and match three or more adorable cropsies to drive Rancid away for good! A farmtastic adventure filled with mixed fruit madness.

Bubble Witch Saga is about aim, fire and pop your way through more than 500 levels in this enchanting and addictive puzzle adventure. The game that has captivated over 40 million players on Facebook.

Bejeweled Blitz game is the winner of the 2013 Google Player’s choice awards. Boost your fun with Detonators, Scramblers and Multipliers, match as fast as you can to earn Blazing Speed and blow gems away, get a ‘Last Hurrah’ to pile up points even after your time expires. 

Word Challenge is about 6 letters and you need to generate as many 3-6 letter words from them as quickly as possible. If you like word games then you’ll definitely love Word Challenge.

CoasterVille takes the joy of theme park attractions and combines it with adventurous lands, Create your very own theme park, design exciting attractions and share the thrill with friends.

Bubble Safari is pure fun, wild arcade-style Match-3 shooter game. With its bold, beautiful artwork and smooth, intuitive gameplay.

Words With Friends is a puzzle game, PLAY the simple word-building game and connect with your friends through in-game chat.

Pool Live Tour is popular and multiplayer pool game on Facebook. Challenge your friends, or compete against millions of players to win coins and trophies.

Top Eleven is the most popular online sports (football) game in which you create and manage your own team, while competing in a persistent player-vs-player environment with millions of other players.

Village Life is about guiding your villagers from birth through to first date, marriage, childbirth and old age with all the fun of life along the way.

Play Angry Birds with your friends… wherever you go, challenge your Facebook friends for the title of ultimate pig popper and bird flinger! Play in weekly tournaments with your friends and see if you can snag the coveted bronze, silver and gold trophies.

Tetris Battle multiplayer Tetris game you can play with your friends online.

Bubble Island is unique quick-hit challenges and competitions across dozens of super-fast 60-second arcade puzzles. Explosive bubble shooter action game.

Slotomania is #1 slot machine game on Facebook. Slotomania is the favorite social slots game online providing unlimited FREE entertainment for double the fun, top-tier graphics, and high-quality sound effects.

22. SongPop:

Are you ready to rock? Listen to song clips to test your music recognition – then send challenges to your friends! Prove that you’re a true music master with SongPop.

Monster World is your own garden in a real world monster fantasy! Grow and harvest unique plants like cactus and candy flowers with magic wands & sun potion.

If you are talented enough to solve a mystery? keen at finding Hidden Objects? Do you love a great story? then Pearl’s Peril is best for you.

I love playing Ninja Warz game, Ninja Warz is a diverse, fun-packed fighting game for Facebook users. Players build an army of hand-picked Ninjas and engage in exciting combat with friends and enemies from around the world.

Players train their Ninjas, equip them with one of hundreds of exciting and unique weapons, and battle in a number of exciting arenas. Compete in tournaments, earn rewards and equipment, and become the ultimate army.

That’s it, this is the list of top 25 most popular games to play in 2014, i just picked up the games without making proper numbering from 1-25, so that might be possible that the number 25 game you’ll like most than the number one game as i like. Give all of them a chance to know which one best fit for you.

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