Transfer Everything From Android, Nokia & iOS To Windows Phone

If you just switched from Android, iOS, Sysmbian & Blackberry to Windows Phone then transferring photos & albums, music files & playlist and documents are quite simple to transfer with PC or with SD card but to transfer contacts & email addresses, meetings and events are difficult, because most of the phones available in the market most of them have standard SIM card but almost all Windows Phones have micro SIM card, so if you try to copy contacts from phone to standard SIM then try to copy to Windows phone which is not compatible due to its size.
1. Move Contacts and Calendars to new Windows Phone:
1. With online account:
Set up the account on your old phone and sync all data to their cloud server then again login with that account on Windows Phone and all your info should automatically sync. This works for Google,, Facebook and other common account types.
2. With SIM Card:
It is possible only if your new and old phone both supports micro SIM card, you can often move it to your new phone to import your contacts.
3. With Apps:
If your new phone is a Nokia, there are a couple of apps that can help you make the switch.
(i) Transfer my Data: it uses Bluetooth to copy your contacts, simply turn on your Bluetooth on old phone and make it discoverable, install this app on your windows phone, search the device from the app and paired it and rest of the work will be done by itself.
(ii) Welcome Home to Windows Phone: it has tuns of features, it can transfer contacts and email addresses, meetings and events, photos and albums, songs and playlists, including iTunes, Videos (MP4, Mov, AVI).
2. Email:
It is pretty simple to get your emails on your Windows Phone, set up Email on your Windows Phone, whether you’re using Google,, Exchange or something else, just add the account to your phone, and you can access all your Emails on your new phone.
3. Documents:
If you are already taking backups of your docs on SkyDrive, then great, they’ll show up in the Office Hub in Windows Phone when you sign in to your phone with your Microsoft account. If you’ve been using Google Drive, you can download the docs you want to your computer as Office files, then copy them to your phone (or upload them to SkyDrive to get to them from anywhere). SkyDrive has 7 GB free storage for Microsoft Account.
4. Music, Photo & Video Files:
You can do this by simply copying your music files to your SD card and put that SD card into your new phone and start accessing all your music files, or transfer them to your PC then paste them back to your new Windows Phone.

If you have uploaded them to the cloud server (SkyDrive or Google Docs) then as you know you can access you audio, video and pics files anywhere.
5. Apps:
Windows Phone store is increasing its apps strength but as compare to Google Play and iTunes Windows Phone Store has few apps only for now, Windows Phone Store has not all apps but all of the major apps have joined Windows phone and increasing their numbers day by day.
You can download some apps from the Windows Phone Store to either on your phone or on the web. Oodles of apps are free, and you can try out many of the paid-for ones – before handing over your cash – to see if you like them.

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