Phone or Tablet Falls in the Water? 2 Solutions to Do Next

If you’ve dropped your mobile accidentally into the water and didn’t find the right tips to get back your phone in normal condition before this post. Its the time to get the information before you face the problem again or if you have a waterproof phone then no need to worry about.
Here I’m sharing these tips which I used to implement it not only on mobile phones but also on all electronics devices. This guide will also help you people to take measures when your phone accidentally falls in the water in future.
Phone or Tablet falls in the Water, here is the complete guide what to do next
1. Switch off your phone:
Without wasting time, take your phone out of the water as soon as possible, first check it that is it still on? if yes then turn it off immediately. And, remember do not attempt to switch it on as this may cause further damage.
2. Remove the battery, SIM and memory cards:
Dry the outside of the phone with a lint-free towel then or you can use dry paper. After doing so, remove the battery first then SIM card and memory card.
Solutions # 1:
Put the phone and battery in a plastic container (like a kitchen container) with uncooked rice then cover it. Does it sound crazy? but you know, rice has desiccating properties that help draw the water out of the phone. Leave your phone for about 3 days for getting maximum positive results.
Phone and battery with uncooked rice in the container
Solution # 2:
Place the phone and parts with a handful of silica gel packets in a zip-top storage bag. These are desiccants often found in new products (like shoes and bags), also you can put along with some grocery items (like beef jerky). They’re designed to be very efficient at absorbing moisture.
Again, wait for 72 Hours, I know this is probably impossible not to use your phone for 3 days, you can borrow another phone from your friend to make and receive important calls.
Silica Gel Packets for absorbing moisture
3. Power on your phone:
Power your phone on. Three days have passed, that much time is sufficient to absorb the moisture. If you did everything right, your phone should be back in the normal condition.
Please Don’t:
Do not use a hair dryer or vacuum cleaner directly on the phone or tablet to speed up the process. Too much heat can cause even more damage.
Remember that, it isn’t guaranteed to work but many people have successfully revived their phones using these methods. But, there’s a chance that any water contact (or worse, chemical- or salt-laden water contact) will corrode the parts over time, salt is corrosive to the delicate circuitry inside a phone.



Now, start monitoring the phone carefully during charging. If it gets very hot thenthe battery may be damaged and should be replaced.

After any exposure to water you no longer have a warranty cover because water damage is not covered under warranty. Any Insurance of your phone or tablet will also be voided unless you are covered for accidental damage.

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