How To Reopen Closed Window In Different Browsers

How to reopen closed window in different browsers

Opening a closed tab in the browser sometimes happens that you accidentally closed the tab that you suddenly need again. Of course, you can access all your browsing history and find it there, but it requires a lot of extra moving.

Modern browsers can open the last tab that was closed using a simple keyboard shortcut. And given that they are the same in almost all browsers, it is worth remembering them. In this short tutorial, you will learn how to open the recently closed tab that you accidentally closed in all modern browsers.

To open a closed tab, the keys that you need to click are the same in most browsers. Keyboard shortcuts in the main browsers are shown below.

Google Chrome

reopening a closed tab in Google Chrome

To open a closed tab in chrome use the keyboard shortcut.


On computers running the Mac OS operating system, use the following keys.



reopening a closed tab in Opera
If you need to open a newly closed tab in Opera, use the same keys.


Accordingly, on Macs, the keyboard shortcut looks like this.


Mozilla Firefox

Opening a closed tab in firefox Mozilla Firefox

This browser also does not differ in originality from the previous ones. You can open an accidentally closed tab in Firebox using the same keyboard shortcut as in previous browsers, namely.


or similar keyboard buttons on MacBook


Internet Explorer

Opening a closed tab in the Internet Explorer Explorer

Let’s not forget about those who still use the standard browser from Microsoft for some reason. You can open a recently closed tab in Explorer the same way as in other browsers by using a shortcut.



Opening a closed tab in Safari
The browser from the Apple company is probably the only one among the popular ones that have distinguished itself. You won’t be able to open a tab that you recently accidentally closed in Safari using combinations that work in all other browsers. To open a closed tab in Safari, you will have to remember a different key combination.


On Mac OS, closed tabs open similarly, only with cmd instead of Ctrl.


You can add a small hint to everything written above. In all the above browsers, using the presented keyboard shortcuts, you can open not only the last tab that was closed but also as many as you closed, i.e., everything that is stored in the browser history. The more times you press the keyboard shortcut, the more recently closed tabs from the history will be opened.

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