Go Locker For Android

Go locker

Today’s article will be devoted to the Go Locker application for Android. This is perhaps the most popular and convenient screen locker for Android devices today. When buying a new device, each user customize it to their liking and for their convenience. Often, standard pre-installed programs either programs require payment for full functionality, or do not support necessary functions for a particular user. So users have to search on the Internet for any alternatives. The screen lock feature is no exception.

In the latest versions of Android, the standard screen lock looks pretty simple. But that’s not the problem, on some devices after setting up a VPN connection, the screen can be unlocked only by an arbitrary pattern, which is very inconvenient. It doesn’t matter what specific problem you are facing, an alternative exists anyway. This is Go Locker application for Android.

Go locker

First you need to download the installation file of the program from the Internet or Android market. Then download it to your device and install. After that, it remains only to configure the program.


The settings are a very easy to understand. You can configure the sound scheme, as well as options for devices (such as unlocking the device by shaking). The main setting is still in choosing a theme that will be displayed on the lock screen.

This program allows 3 screen lock options. You can simply unlock the screen, or you can unlock and simultaneously go to calls or messages screen. As a result, we can say that Go Locker for Android is a great alternative to the standard locker. On the Internet you can find a lot of both paid and free themes for this program, which, anyway, is much nicer than depending on one standard

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