Download 26 Free Windows 8 Themes, Visuals & Skins

Windows 8 is the latest innovation of Microsoft and released with lots of amazing new features and improvements. Windows 8 UI looks different and awesome with its themes and desktop backgrounds, But now you can personalize your desktop according to your style. Initially Windows 8 made people surprise with no Start button but later many Start Menu launched like Start8, however now you can make your own Windows 8 Start menu. 

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I know everybody gets bored looking at the same computer screen looks day after day, changing the look of your desktop with new wallpapers and themes every day makes it feel fresh. To give some new look to your windows 8 PC you have to try some of the best Windows 8 Themes, visuals and Skin packs. Which allows you to change the default look of your Windows 8 PC to your style theme. 
If you are dual-monitor user, now you can personalize with different wallpaper to the each display in a dual monitor setup. In Windows 8 you can’t add custom or third-party themes by default without modifying or patching three windows system files: themeui.dll, Uxlnit.dll and uxtheme.dll. Don’t worry now you can easily patch these files with UltraUxThemePatcher. Just download this application and then follow some simple steps to install it. All three files will be automatically replaced during the installation, you only will have to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
After patching files, you can download and install any themes and skins listed below and copy the theme files and folder to: C:WindowsResourcesThemes
Free Skin Packs for Windows 8:

1. 8Style Skin Pack for Windows 8:

Skin Pack completely change the visual style of your desktop, with the skin packs you can change the looks of the windows 8 Icons, Visual Style. This Skin Pack allows you to transform Windows 8 into new modern 8style.
Download: 32 Bit | 64 Bit

2. Metro Skin Pack 4.0 for Windows 8:

It also supports Windows 8 32 & 64 Bit of any language / any edition. It also changes all the icons, wallpaper, and even the theme in Windows 8. Its Visual style has dark color.
Download: x86 | x64
Free Third Party Themes & Visual Styles:
If you want to give your desktop a complete makeover, then you need a full skin or visual style, which replaces system files to provide you with deep customization instead of only changing the wallpaper.

3. TwentyThirteen (by: Sand-And-Mercury) 


4. Space Blueberries (by: neiio)


5. Night Smooth (by: neiio)


6. Incomplete VS (by: sinopt)


7. Gray 8 (by: gsw953onDA)




8. Dumbass V8 (by: neiio)


9. Dark 8 (by: Gr8StyleX)


10 Work for Windows 8 (by: neiio)


11. Alduin (by: charleston2378)


12. Platinum (by: ZEUSosX)


13. Area04.8 (by: neiio)


14. Simplex (by: link6155)


15. Ourea (by: neiio)


16. Aero By Design (by: LiveOrDieTM)

Microsoft Windows Themes:
If you don’t like customizing every UI element and only want a pack of nice looking wallpapers, you might be interested in the themes from the official Windows website. Below you can select your own style from the collection.

17. Spectacular Skies


18. Limited Edition Artist Series


19. Space


20. Illusions


21. Bubbles


22. Surreal Territory


23. Cobblestones and Corridors

Themes For Dual Monitor Setups (Panoramic):
These panoramic themes are quite different from the regular themes, they displayed differently on your screen. In a dual monitor setup, instead of displaying the same wallpaper on both desktops or a different on each screen, a panoramic wallpaper extends across both monitors but if should have the same resolution. 


24. Bridges Panoramic


25. Cityscapes Panoramic

 26. Forests Panoramic

That’s all, do tell us about our Windows 8 themes compilation. Comment about which ones you liked most and if you like to recommend some feel free to share themes that you think we should add here! 

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