Use Android Phone Camera As IP Webcam For Surveillance [Free App]

It is a very important app for Office and Home use, most common use of this app for surveillance purpose, means you can use your Android phone to monitor any special place where your CCTV Cameras are not installed, it also can save your money, if you are planning to install CCTV, you can do surveillance and security with this free app and your old Android mobile.
It works on Wireless network without internet usage, does not require internet access, use it as baby monitors around the house with this great app. Viewable from any other device, along with full control for LED and audio, this app is a MUST HAVE for any Android parent.
How To Use Android Phone as IP Webcam:

Things You Require To Turn Android Phone as IP Cam:

Android Mobile Phone with Camera
PC or Laptop with WiFi Hotspot Enabled
IP Webcam Free App from Google Play Store [Link Below]

Steps To Use your Android Phone as IP Cam:

Step 1: First connect your phone with your PC or Laptop
Make sure both mobile and Laptops WiFi is turned on.

Step 2: Now open, the app IP Webcam on your Android phone and go to Video Preferences and make changes as per your need, then click on “Start Server”.

This App will start video streaming process and will provide you an IP address and Port Number.
Step 3: Note down that IP Address and Port, now put your phone on the place where you want to monitor.
Remember: Your phone should be within the range of WiFi, otherwise there will be no video streaming plus with enough battery level.
Step 4: Now open the Web browser and enter that IP Address and Port, which is generated by this IP Webcam app earlier, and enter like below:

It is supported with VLC Player also, you can use it instead of Web Browser.

Step 5: After entering this IP Address and Port, a popup will appear Use Java Browser Plugin and give the permission to run video streaming.
Now you can watch live streaming videos from Android phone to your PC or Laptop for free.
Additional Feature: You can also watch live streaming of IP Webcam on another Android device with free app tinyCam Monitor using Internet, or with third-party MJPG software, including video surveillance software, security monitors and most audio players.



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