A New App Virtually Check Clothes Fitting Before Online Purchasing

Online shopping is been increasing year by year because of easy methods of online purchasing, people only worried about the products they purchase online whether they fits them well or they will have to ask for return. 
There are many online shopping websites they offer return policy just to earn the trust of the consumers, but they have a lot of condition for returning products. If you are one of them who check various websites for the the lowest price before purchasing online then you would like this concept of virtually check your fitting of apparels.

There is a solutions for online shoppers called Virtusize, Virtusize helps online retailers to visually illustrate the size and fit of clothing.
There is only one requirement among consumers shopping for clothes online is “better size and fit”. By comparing garments, shoppers can be confident in how a new garment would fit their customers.

The Websites that have the Virtusize app built-in, customers can select an item and click the Virtusize button. It shows for example, how the length of the arms compare, where the waistline is measured, and the bust size. Then these measurements are stored online.

Whenever a similar item is selected in an online store, shoppers can pull their existing items – and measurements – straight from the virtual wardrobe.

Company officials says “Virtusize’ enables shoppers to visually compare the fit of clothing they already own and love with clothing they wish to buy.”

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