Monitor or Protect Wireless Network from Trespassers

How to Protect home wireless network? There are many things we can do to protect your wireless network against freeloaders and intruders. Probably the best thing right now is to make sure it is protected by a security protocol that is offering the best protection. That is usually WPA2 right now. You also need to make sure that the key is significantly long enough so that it can’t be easily guessed (your cat’s name) or brute forced.
And of course couple of other things that you can do, for instance position the router in a way that reception is bad or not available at all when you are not in the house.
Monitor your wireless network for new connections, SoftPerfect WiFi Guard is a free software for Windows. The program monitors all wireless connections which it displays in the main window.
SoftPerfect WiFi Guard gives information about the IP address used by the devices, the MAC address, the name, and additional information. The listing provides you with information about all connections, so that you can easily distinguish your own devices from devices that someone else may be using to connect to your wireless network. The program scans the network automatically from time to time and provides you with the means to run manual scans whenever you want to. Devices are pinged automatically which helps you detect systems behind firewalls or other security that blocks ping requests.
I know there are almost every Wireless router companies providing these features when we enter into the ROM, but because of the complicated options for novice is difficult to change or set any setting. For those kind of even beginners can handle it easily.
The program is easy to use and with nice option if you are using wireless connections to connect to the Internet, especially if you suspect someone else taking advantage of your wireless setup.

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